Monday, March 23, 2009

Norūz: Happy New Year Iran!

March 21 was the first day of Spring and the first day of Norūz, the Iranian/Persian New Year.

The photo above was taken this summer by Yuko when we visited Persepolis. It dates from the 6th century BC during the reign of the Persian Empire and is the Zoroastrian symbol representing the spring equinox. The bull symbolizes the Earth and the lion, the Sun.

We're standing in the shade of a Homa, a bird from Persian mythology. Whoever the Homa landed on became king of the empire. That's me attempting lift-off:

Seems everyone's gettin' in on the Iran action - below is Obama's Norūz message:


  1. The picture wherein you guys are standing in the shade of a Homa looks Awesome. Very nice post