Friday, July 24, 2009

Isla Negra: Pablo Neruda

Yuko & I visited Pablo Neruda's first & last home at Isla Negra, about a 1.5 hour drive from Santiago. It's a fantasy home built only a few meters off the shore and filled to the ceilings with items Neruda collected from all around the world.

The Night in Isla Negra
Ancient night and the unruly salt
beat at the walls of my house.
The shadow is all one, the sky
throbs now along with the ocean,
and sky and shadow erupt
in the crash of their vast conflict.
All night long they struggle;
nobody knows the name
of the harsh light that keeps slowly opening
like a languid fruit.
So on the coast comes to light,
out of seething shadow, the harsh dawn,
gnawed at by the moving salt,
swept clean by the mass of night,
bloodstained in its sea-washed crater.

- Pablo Neruda

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