Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lawless State: Uighur's "Disappeared" In China

It's happening again. The Chinese authorities are flouting their own laws in an effort to stamp out minority dissent. According to a brand new Human Rights Watch report, "'We Are Afraid to Even Look for Them': Enforced Disappearances in the Wake of Xinjiang's Protests," 43 Uighurs have disappeaed in the wake of last July's protests. China always seems to cut off its nose to spite its face and undermines any credibility by using such extreme and unlawful tactics against its own citizens. As Brad Adams, director of Asia Human Rights Watch said:
"The Chinese government says it respects the rule of law, but nothing could undermine this claim more than taking people from their homes or off the street and ‘disappearing' them - leaving their families unsure whether they are dead or alive."

The above graphic is from the New York Times and shows the areas in China where the minority population is at least half something other than Han. Roughly 8% of China's total population belongs to one of its 55 recognized ethnic groups.

Here's a cop enforcing the rule of law in Urumqi:

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