Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Direct Action: Hong Kong Democracy Now!

There's something happening within Hong Kong's democracy movement - it's becoming radicalized....sort of. Up to now they've been allowing themselves to be consistently rolled by the central government in Beijing. As a result, their credibility has suffered and *surprise* democracy continues to be an elusive unicorn from Narnia.

It's an old story - play by the rules set by a corrupt power and you won't succeed - the game is rigged. Now it looks as though Hong Kong's so-called 'pan-democrats' are thinking outside the box and seem willing to engage in some peaceful civil disobedience.

Five have just resigned from the Legislative Council (LegCo) to protest the government's refusal to implement meaningful democratic reforms, something as basic as setting a timetable, for example. This is forcing a by-election that will become a referendum on universal suffrage for 2012. It's a risky gamble but that's part of the beauty - it's an open demonstration of these politicians' trust in the electorate, one of Beijing's greatest fears....the PEOPLE!

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