Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cappadocia: Turkish Delight

(Photos by Yewco)
Deep in the heart of the Turkish region of Cappadocia is the town of Göreme, a wonderland that seems conjured from the elements for hobbits, wizards and fairies.

The phantasmagoria of upside-down ice cream cones and minarets known as "fairy chimneys" is the result of volcanic ash being accumulated and eroded for thousands of years.

We entered Turkey from Syria in the southeast and were slowly making our way to Istanbul. Our "cave hotel" was built right into one of the fairy chimneys. It was so cool to bed down at the end of the day like a couple of troglodytes in our own little hole in the wall (literally).

After exploring the underground caves and ascending the towering pillars we chose to go a little higher - a dawn ride in a hot air balloon.

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