Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In Between Days: Summer of 2011

"These were the woods the river and sea
Where a boy
In the listening
Summertime of the dead whispered the truth of his joy
To the trees and the stones and the fish in the tide.
And the mystery
Sang alive
Still in the water and singingbirds." - Dylan Thomas
This summer was my 44th year to heaven, to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, and it involved a huge shake-up in my life. After 11 years of living in Hong Kong, I came home to Canada to embark on a new adventure. But first Yuko and I had to return to Vancouver and load up a Uhaul with all our stuff from Hong Kong, along with some old junk I'd left behind in storage.

July and August were truly "in between days" waiting for new beginnings to take flight while biding our time visiting family and friends in White Rock...

(With Dad in White Rock)
(with Mum, brother Rob, his kids and friend, Genna,)
We also did a bit of horseback riding in Pemberton....

Checked in with Emily Carr in Victoria...

Soaked up the gorgeous sunset...

Made it to the summit of Whistler with our lovely guide and friend, Miyuki...

and jumped out of a plane for my birthday...

As Dylan Thomas wrote:
"O may my heart's truth
Still be sung
On this high hill in a year's turning."
Oob-Schadoo-Beh! Here's the Cure from 1985:

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