Sunday, November 27, 2011

SooperLovers: To the Rescue!

Nothing says "forever" quite like being immortalized as an action figure. So when I heard it could be done, I jumped at the chance for Yuko's birthday.

This is Yuko as a rabbit wielding a ninja frying pan and budo sword. Yuko, her mum and her grandma were all born in the Year of the Rabbit. Note the "SL" for "SooperLovers" on her belt buckle.

Here I am as a Canadian hockey guy with a purple light saber and sacred goalie stick.

"The SooperLovers" are ready to do battle against the forces of bad cooking and gross misconducts. You know you've arrived on planet bizarro when confronted by a replicant of yourself. So when in doubt, give the gift of plastics and freak out!

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