Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney: Netanyahu's Double Folly

A new low is unfolding in the US. A foreign ally is openly colluding with the Republicans to influence the outcome of an election. Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu and his fellow plutocrat, Mitt Romney, are attempting to box in the Obama administration over military action against Iran. Israel is explicitly taking a side in the election: Team Romney and his NeoCon bloodsuckers.

Today, Bibi and his cohorts were making the rounds, exploiting reports that President Obama had snubbed the Israeli PM by refusing a request to meet with him at the UN later this month, and suggesting that the US administration was failing to take the Iranian nuclear issue seriously.

Within hours Romney was quoted as saying, "I can’t ever imagine saying no" to a meeting with dear Bibi. The choreographing couldn't have been better, but their transparent cravenness was an unfortunate oversight, an unforced error that has left both significantly diminished. As David Remnick writes in The New Yorker:
Netanyahu seems determined, more than ever, to alienate the President of the United States and, as an ally of Mitt Romney’s campaign, to make himself a factor in the 2012 election— one no less pivotal than the most super Super PAC. “Who are you trying to replace?” the opposition leader, Shaul Mofaz, asked of Netanyahu in the Knesset on Wednesday. “The Administration in Washington or that in Tehran?”
Romney's sick opportunism makes him look feeble and desperate, while Netanyahu is increasingly being seen as a threat to Israel's security. By meddling in the presidential election only a month and a half before the vote, Netanyahu is committing a double folly. 

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