Thursday, November 08, 2012

Defeat Trumps Victory: The Death Of A Con

Since the election on Tuesday, I've been celebrating the defeat of Willard Mitt Romney. I can't bring myself to celebrate Obama's victory. Sure, I can appreciate the difference his reelection will make in the lives of millions with regards to basic healthcare, pay equity, marriage equality and choice. I can also feel smug he was reelected by a majority that resembled the diversity of my own country. But the overwhelming pleasure has been witnessing Romney, Rove, Adelson, Trump, Ailes, and all the other cretins of angry, whitefogeyAmerica get a swift kick in the teeth. That they're still reeling is an absolute delight.

Now reports are emerging that the Romney campaign was getting so high on its own supply that it began to believe its own con, even going so far as publishing a "transition" website (see above) on election day. Whoops. The bubble the Republicans have been inhabiting is a ghoulish wonderland, full of phantasms and hookah-smoking specters who vaporize any semblance of truth.

It's always a great day when the dark side succumbs. But it's especially sweet when a turd blossom like Karl Rove gets stomped despite his billion dollar pie.

So for me, defeat trumps victory. I celebrate the revenge of the 47++ percent - Lord Vader and his cretins have been vanquished by the "help."

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