Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hong Kong: The Big Durian

The Big Durian. There are a few Asian cities that lay claim to this title - Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur - but none of them come close to our beloved Hong Kong.

The durian is a tropical fruit that's hard and prickly on the outside, soft and sweet inside.

They also have a putrid odor: imagine a septic tank dripping with sulfur on a sweltering day. It's so bad there are some hotels that actually prohibit guests from bringing this stink bomb onto their premises. It's true - this bulbous, porcupine of a fruit is an acquired taste. But once accustomed to its flavour, the yellow, velvety flesh can prove irresistible. Just like Hong Kong. Yeah!

When the chaos and pollution get to be too much, Yuko & I go for a hike to unwind.

This is the view I fell in love with on my first trip to Hong Kong. I'll never forget the surprise I felt after hopping on a bus bound for Stanley Market and emerging from the Aberdeen Tunnel to find this beautiful vista of ocean and shoreline waiting for me. The south side of Hong Kong Island, only 20 minutes from the city center, is unlike anything else in this stinky metropolis.

This is Shek O, close to our place in Siu Sai Wan. Not quite a durian, but you get the idea. Linger long enough, cut through the prickly shell and discover its charms.


  1. Cool photos! I can see why you fell in love with that view!

  2. thx for your comment - most of the photos you see on this blog are by yuko, my wife.