Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My New Book: Bono

"The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear."
Good news! My new book, Bono, will be published next month. Now I can afford some cream for my coffee, maybe even a little peanut butter on my bread...and the rent.

From my publisher, ABC-CLIO:
Bono is a passionate, articulate celebrity who has transcended his role as international rock star and become an effective political activist. This book provides insights into his life story and contributions to both popular culture and politics.

Bono is the highly recognizable, articulate, and well-known frontman of the band U2, one of the most successful, prolific, and widely respected bands in rock music. Bono has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and has won numerous awards for his political activism—highly unusual for a pop star. What makes Bono such a standout?

Bono: A Biography takes a broad look at the pop star's life from his birth until the present day while also examining in depth the major events throughout his life. It covers Bono's accomplishments as part of U2 and also provides great detail about this complex celebrity figure's achievements outside of his involvement with his band—for example, his activities as a major spokesperson on issues of debt relief and poverty.

This book will be appreciated by general readers as well as high school students with an interest in pop culture and politics. Authored by a writer who has been a fan of U2 and Bono since his youth, this book cites a variety of sources to present an engaging and comprehensive portrait of this passionate musician's contributions to popular music and his ongoing commitment to issues of social justice.

• Contains many direct quotes from Bono's speeches and interviews that address his activism and his life with U2
• Presents a chronology of Bono's life from his birth onwards
• Includes a bibliography of works cited and other books worth reading

• Provides a rich, detailed chronology of Bono's life
• Covers the significant milestones in his life
• Presents his struggles with celebrity vs. personal life
• Details Bono's political activism, explains his commitment to U2, and examines his Christian faith

Author Info:

David Kootnikoff is an award-winning writer. His published works include U2: A Musical Biography and Getting Both Feet Wet: Experiences Inside The Jet Program, winner of the Japan Festival Award for contributing to understanding between cultures. He is currently working on his doctoral degree in English at the University of Alberta, Canada.

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